How to Deactivate The Notification of My Facebook Messager?

Hello all! I am sure most of you here are the user of Facebook. We can’t deny the fact that Facebook is still the biggest social media company in the world. Its position as the number 1 most used social media is still acknowledge. To get close with its customer, Facebook launched many support apps for Facebook. Now, Facebook App has many variations such as Facebook for Android, Facebook for iOS, Facebook Lite and even Facebook Messager. There are many people who use Facebook for android and iOS have to download and install “Facebook Chat”. Because if you don’t download the chat app, you can’t do the chat with your friends on Facebook and you also cannot read the message sent by your friends.


But Facebook Messager also helps the customer more by providing its wonderful features. You can do a Facebook Call, video call and only a simple chatting, all of them is wrapped in one application. When Facebook messager gets the new message, the alert tone will ring, it will tell you that there is a new notification. But, repeatedly being notified sometimes is annoying. Today, I would like to share the tutorial of how to deactivate the notification on your Facebook Messager without even need to uninstall the app. So, you don’t need to be worry of being disturbed by the alert tone but you also do not need to be worry of being left for conversation with your friends in Facebook.

How to deactivate the notification on my Facebook Messager?

  1. First of all you need to download the Facebook app.
  2. Download the Facebook Messager too in Google Play Store.
  3. Login in your Facebook app and Facebook Messager.
  4. After you login, please find out the individual chat or group chat that you want to deactivate its notification.
  5. After you open the thread of chat, click the menu bar on top right corner of the Facebook Messager app.
  6. After you click that menu, there will be some options appear, choose option “Mute notifications”.
  7. After that you are required to choose the period of deactivation of notification, it can be 24 hours, 8 hours, 1 hour, or 15 minutes.
  8. After you mute the notification, you will not get any notification at all during the period of time you choose. The voice of notification also won’t ring during that period of deactivation.
  9. To activate it again, go to the thread of chat and choose “Unmute notification”.

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