Here is the Step to Save the Instagram Live Video in Your Smartphone Memory

As everybody has already known, the video of Instagram Live Story will be deleted automatically after the live session is over. That is so different with the live feature from Facebook, Periscope, or YouTube which has the option to save the video according to the finished session.

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So, today, Instagram app now provides a live video download that later you can save it into your smartphone memory. The app rolled out Live video in Stories in November as a “new way for people to connect and interact with their friends right now”. Then, how is the way to save the live video in Instagram via that feature? Let’s check them below.

Steps to download Live Video in Instagram:

• As usual, you should update the Instagram app first before you taste the new feature. The Live Instagram feature is in the most updated version (the ability to save Instagram Live Videos is rolling out now, with in the latest version of Instagram for iOS and Android, it is rolling out this month in the latest 10.12 version of the app).
• After you download and install the app, do a Live stories in your Instagram.
• When you have finished your live video, tap “Save” menu on upper right corner of the screen.

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Maka secara otomatis video hasil rekaman Anda selama live di Instagram akan tersimpan di memori ponsel (bisa diakses kembali melalui galeri).

Important notes:

• The steps that I explain above can only be done (downloading the live video) by the owner of the instagram account (not by the followers moreover the stalkers, hehe)
• Live Instagram video can only be saved at the moment after the live video is finished. If you exit from Instagram a moment after the live video is finished or even log out, you cannot download/save the live video (The save symbol will disappear).
• Only the video that you can save, it does not include the comment, like and viewer list.
• It probably takes some minutes to download the live video, it will be highly dependent on the duration of video that you make, the longer duration of video you take, the longer download process will run.
• The video that you save is not stored in Instagram, it only uses your smartphone memory.

Now, you have saved your live video from your instagram. Hopefully you can use this article as your best reference to do a video saving. Have a nice day everyone!

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