Steps to Uninstall The Programs on Your Windows XP

Hello all. I am sure some of you here use Windows XP for your PC. As we have known, if you install the programs or software on your PC, it will take some memory spaces of your hard drive. In case if the programs have been too many, it will slowen the performance of your PC. Today, of course we have so many cleaning software to clean up the junks and unwanted files in our installed programs, but that alone is sometimes not enough. I am sure that some of you here feel like there are too many programs that you don’t really need and it is rarely used in your PC. For those of you who still use Windows XP as their PC platform, I would like to share about how to uninstall the programs or software on your Windows XP.


In this article, I will use “AVG Antivirus” as the example. I will divide the steps into 2 steps. Actually, it is an easy step that everybody can do this alone in their home. So let’s check it out!

1. Using the shortcut on Start Menu

This is the simplest step to uninstall your unwanted/unused programs in Windows XP. Just click start, then you will be on Start Menu, find out the folder of AVG Antivirus then click it, there will be some options such as “AVG Free Tray Icon”, “AVG Free User Interface” and “Uninstall AVG Free”. To uninstall AVG Antivirus, you can click “Uninstall AVG Free” and the process of uninstallation will run.


2. Using Control Panel

If in case that your unwanted/unused programs do not have any shortcut option on Start Menu, you can do this step to uninstall it.

You can do it by going to Start > Settings > Control Panel


After that, you will be directed into Control Panel bar. You should click “Add or remove programs”.


The next step is that you will be directed into the list of the installed programs on your Windows XP. Select “AVG Free Antivirus” by clicking on the program for once then click “Change/Remove” on the right side of the program list.


Let the process of uninstallation runs. There will be a notification after the uninstallation has finished. Some of the software will direct you into a link of web (it usually opens automatically your browser), just close your browser. So, it is simple isn’t it? You can do it on your home and you don’t need to be worry of your hard disk space will run out.


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