4 Steps to Secure Your PC from the WannaCry Attack

During this 2 weeks, the attack from ransomware, namely as Wannacry, has been so staggering. There are many PCs around the world which have been affected by this ransomware. The latest data show that this ransomware has infected at least more than 75.000 Pcs in 99 countries.

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As like any other ransomware, it will lock the docs in your PC. The hacker will require some money as the ransom so that you can access your files again. But it doesn’t give any guarantee that after the payment, the full access will be given, even worst, the hacker will increase the ransom to gain more profit from the victims.

The most effective way is via preventive method so that we won’t be the victim of WannaCry which really will make you cry if you are infected.

Here are some important steps to secure your PC so that it won’t be hostaged by WannaCry, and the steps below are easy to follow.

#1 Update Your Windows

WannaCry ransomware which now spread to the world which specifically attacks the Windows PC. You need to update your Windows version. The versions which are attacked by this ransomware is Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 R2, and Windows Server 2016.

The IT consultants and experts around the world suggest the Windows users to immediately install the update patch of MS17-010 series. The guide to install this update can be found everywhere, juts google it.

This update should have been released at 14th March 2017, but probably some people didn’t know about this update, and it would be better for you to install this to avoid any attack from WannaCry.

Learn from that case, you would be better to regularly update your software which also will secure your security gap in your OS. Or, you also can set it into automatic update.

#2 Be aware of any fraud

The same with other ransomware, WannaCry infiltrates into the security system from all existing vulnerabilities in your PC. Therefore, be careful of any act of fraud in internet, which probably carries a dangerous material such as fake email or pop-up ads.

If you find any strange email in your inbox mail which contains a link into an unknown site with a document attached, don’t ever try to open or click that link.

Maybe that is just a bait that will direct you to go into the website which is full of malware, or it is actually the way to activate the ransomware in your PC.

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You are also prohibited to visit certain unknown web. Moreover if the web is the hub for many viruses, such as porn webs, torrent webs and gambling webs. Be careful for download links which attach a vulgar picture because it can be used by the virus as their main media to spread their files.

#3 Backup your Important Data

It is highly suggested to save or upload your data in many media, be in cloud or external drive so that it can be saved from the attack of ransomware. It can be done regularly or you may choose an auto backup on the cloud service.

#4 Install an Anti-virus (At least on Trial version)

This is also important, to avoid any future harms of wannacry attack, make sure that your PC is protected by antivirus app. If you are unable to install the full version, at least you still download the trial version, but the most important thing is that you are protected.

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