How to Add RAM in Your Android Phone? Here Are The Steps

Android becomes one of the most used phones arround the world today. It competes so hardly with other Operating System like Windows phone and Mac from Apple. The basic reason why people choose android becomes their phone OS because almost all android products are cheap,various, and easy to be customized. But what about people who use android phone with a cheap price or let’s say, use low-end android phone? Usually, their very complain is about the limited amount of memory or RAM. Everytime you install the apps on your android, you should be aware of your RAM. You need to limit the numbers of apps that you install, or otherwise, your RAM will run out and you will experience a stuck or error on your android.


Today, I would like to share the tutorial on adding the RAM on your android phone. It is the manual and easy one. You can do this by yourself and hopefully, after you do this tutorial, it will be one of many solutions that you can use to add and optimize your RAM.

This tutorial uses RAM Optimizer script on android. The function of this script is to manage the usage of applications in android so that it will not be wasteful eventhough the user uses many applications at the same time. Here are the steps:

1. You should have or download Juwe RAM Script Optimizer, to get the file you can download it in
2. In order to be able to run the script, your android phone need to be set in root mode. If your android phone has not been rooted yet, you need to root it. There are many rooting tutorials for android in Google, just search it.
3. After you root your android phone, you can now download the Root explorer on Google Play Store.
4. Copy and extract the RAM Script Optimizer “S97ramscript” to the external memory or SD Card.
5. Move the RAM Script optimizer to /system/etc/init.d/. If you don’t have the “init.d” folder, you can manually add it on your SD Card’s folder. Before you do that, you need to ensure that the access permission has been changed from “Mount RO” into “Mount RW”. This option will allow you to add and rename the folder in SD Card.
6. Put “S97ramscript” on “/system/etc/init.d” folder.
7. The last step is that you need to change the setting permission into like this:


8. After you do all those steps above, you need to restart your android phone to feel the effect. Now you can enjoy a better RAM performance on your android.


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