Black ScreenShot on Android? Here is The Solution!

Hello all! Today I want to share the tutorial about android phone. As we have known, android phone has many features that can ease our daily activity. One of the features of android phone is screenshot. Screenshot is the facilty to record the appearance of the screen in the form of picture (PNG format).

There are many benefits of screenshot, for example, you can simply screenshot the appearance of your screen without even need to download it or take the picture of the screen by using other phone, it’s so simple. As many android phones have its own specification, the capacity of memory also varied. There are many problems occur due to lack of memory in android phone and one of the problems is black screenshot.

What I mean by black screenshot is when you screenshot, the result of the photo on the gallery is black, no other apearance. Of course it’s so disturbing. Therefore today, we will solve the problem of black screenshot.


1) Change the folder name of “Screenshot”

The first step to solve the problem of black screenshot is to change the name of “Screenshot” folder into “ScreenCapture”. You can do it by going to menu “File manager”, after that, please choose “Internal Memory”, then go to “Screenshot” folder. Tap the Screenshot folder for about 3 seconds and there will be the options such as “Delete”, “Move to external memory” and many more, but I want you to choose “Rename”. Rename the screenshot folder into “ScreenCapture”.

This function of this step is to move the folder of save from the old folder (screenshot folder) into the new folder (ScreenCapture folder).


2) Move the Screenshot images to external memory manually

The black screenshot can occur because the internal memory capacity of android phone has reached the maximum capacity. Free up the internal memory by moving the screenshot’s images into external memory. this is done in order to give the internal memory the wider space to save next screenshots (this step only moves the images, not move the folder preference of your screenshots). How to do that? Let’s check it out!

  1. First, you need to go to “Settings” menu on your screen.
  2. Go to “internal memory”. You will see many lists of your android folders such as “Android”, “DCIM”, “Documents” etc. Please tap the folder “Screenshot”.
  3. After you enter the folder, you will see the array of your screenshots. Please click one screenshot for about 3 seconds, the image will be blocked and there will be options on your top right corner of the screen, please choose “Select all”.
  4. After that, you will see many options on the top right screen, please choose “move”.
  5. Open the “External memory” and choose any folder (it is suggested to save it on “DCIM”). Click “Paste” then all of your screenshots will be moved on that folder. Now, your screenshots have been saved on external memory, not internal memory anymore.

But please take a not that it is manual, so you need to gradually move it once the black screenshot occurs.

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